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Beloved Jewelry Box is an affordable and convenient way to shop for jewelry online. We are a family-founded team and started Beloved Jewelry Box with a strong background in jewelry sales and design. Our goal is for all to feel confident in the jewelry pieces they wear that Beloved Jewelry Box provides. We want everyone to love their style without the expensive price tag or the hassle of shopping around. Each box is delivered and tailored to you.


Our mission is not only to bring a jewelry accessory to everyone at an affordable price but to show each Beloved Jewelry Box Subscriber the power of jewelry and how it can effortlessly transform and uplift your look for any given occasion.


Welcome to the new age of jewelry shopping. Beloved Jewelry Box is a modern platform to access vintage jewelry and accessories. We bridge the gap between accessibility and ease by providing personalized jewelry selections delivered right to your door.

We believe great things deserve a second chance. Beloved Jewelry Box embodies this idea by using our time and resources to divert quality pieces from being dumped or discarded. This includes vintage as well as new quality costume jewelry. By rescuing pieces of history and breathing new life into their styling, all of our subscribers have a part in giving these great things a second chance!

Sustainable Future

How we view it; the joy of the jewelry fashion experience can and should be sustainable.

The industry is the world's second most polluting industry, after oil. Producing 'fashion-fast' wastes and pollutes our water, erodes our natural resources, and contributes to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases. Jewelry in particular raises another host of concerns, such as the use of hazardous chemicals like cyanide and the health and safety of miners.

We sustainably source our jewelry from estate sales and jewelry close-outs. This takes jewelry that would otherwise be dumped in a land fill and gives it a second chance. We clean, style, and curate it to each individual's unique style. We believe the perfect pieces are out there for every individual and Beloved Jewelry Box helps bridge the gap between access and desire. All a person needs to do is fill out their style profile to point us in the direction of their perfect collection.

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