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  • The Aurelia Ring
  • The Aurelia Ring
  • The Aurelia Ring
  • The Aurelia Ring

The Aurelia Ring

This product is custom made-to-order to ensure sustainable practices. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Introducing The Aurelia Ring, a radiant tribute to the warmth and luminosity of the sun. This exquisite star-set band is inspired by the celestial beauty of sunlight, featuring a design that evokes the gentle embrace of dawn's first light.

Across its face, opulent pearl accents symbolize purity and elegance, reflecting the serene beauty of a sun-kissed morning. Surrounding the organic gemstones are delicate rays engraved in precious metal, mimicking the sun's gentle beams that dance across the sky.

Each pearl and opal stone accentuates the ring's design with its natural luster and iridescence, creating a harmonious blend of radiance and natural allure. Whether worn as an understated nod to the beauty both within and without, or given as the perfect gift for the light of your life, The Aurelia Ring captures the essence of timeless elegance and celestial inspiration.

Available in Demi-fine metal options of sterling silver with platinum plating, or 14kt yellow gold vermeil.

The Aurelia Ring is also available in Fine metal options such as 10kt yellow gold, 14kt solid white gold, or 14kt solid yellow gold.

Both Fine and Demi-fine metal options are set with genuine cultured salt water pearls and opal stones.

Each ring is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both durability and luxury. Included with this piece is a vintage-inspired ring box to protect and showcase this reimagined history.

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