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  • The Dahlia Ring
  • The Dahlia Ring
  • The Dahlia Ring
  • The Dahlia Ring
  • The Dahlia Ring

The Dahlia Ring

This product is custom made-to-order to ensure sustainable practices. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

The Dahlia Ring captures hearts with modern heritage inspired by Giardinetti style rings. This charming and distinct design, originating from 18th-century Italy, is a masterpiece that intricately weaves together the elegance of jewelry craftsmanship with the beauty of nature. Its Giardinetti style, meaning "little garden" in Italian, perfectly captures its essence as a miniature botanical masterpiece.

Historically, Giardinetti rings were popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, often exchanged as tokens of affection or given as intricate gifts symbolizing the beauty and fragility of love and nature. The Dalia Ring is no exception. With intricate patterns adorning the focal floral element of this piece, delicate fligree mimics the appearance of vines, creating a framework that enhances the garden theme and adds depth and texture to this work of historical artistry. The dazzling stones accenting each design element of this piece highlight the shining beauty of nature's crowning blooms, while blending vintage charm with contemporary fashion sensibilities.

Available in Demi-fine metal options of sterling silver with platinum plating, or 14kt yellow gold vermeil. Both Demi-fine metal variations are set with simulated diamond stones.

The Dahlia Ring is also available in Fine metal options such as 10kt yellow gold, 14kt solid white gold, or 14kt solid yellow gold. All Fine metal variations of this ring are set with genuine lab grown diamonds.

Each ring is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring both durability and luxury. Included with this piece is a vintage-inspired ring box to protect and showcase this reimagined history.

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